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Disposed of Firecrackers Start Blast That Harms 2 Homes

We should be more aware of what we are disposing of in order to prevent injuries and damage to property.
In this article, two homes were damaged due to firecrackers that could not be disposed of properly. This is a problem when people are using illegal fireworks that they cannot get rid of or throwing them on the ground where they can cause damage and start fires.
We need to take caution when disposing of these items by making sure they do not go off before we throw them in the trash or recycling bin.

Disposed of firecrackers start blast that harms 2 homes, leaves 5 injured
A New Year’s celebration turned into a nightmare for a number of families in the Philippines after two houses were destroyed by a blasting incident. Five people were also injured by the blast according to police. Residents of the town, San Nicolas in Pangasinan province, recalled hearing “a loud explosion” at about 6:00pm.

In the article, there is a mention of firecrackers that exploded leading to the destruction of two houses. The author uses a tone that is more on an informational level to tell the story. The article also does not have many details about what happened, and instead relies on other people’s accounts of what happened.
The article does not address the dangers of using firecrackers in populated areas at all. In fact, it seems like they are celebrated as a part of Chinese New Year celebrations in China.

Disposing of firecrackers is not as easy as it seems.
Firecrackers can be tricky to dispose of. When they are left in the trash, they can easily fly out of the garbage bin and start a fire on someone’s property. When they are thrown away with other types of garbage, they often break and make a loud noise that might scare dogs or children.

People around the world often use fireworks to celebrate the holidays. But, this can be a dangerous activity if done improperly.
Fireworks as they are traditionally known are actually classified as a Class C firework and is not allowed in Canada. In fact, there are strict laws and regulations about their purchase, storage, possession and use. Even so, people still find ways to buy them illegally from sources outside of Canada which puts themselves and their family at risk of serious injury or death.
The danger is not just from purchasing illegal fireworks but also from faulty-made fireworks that have been imported into the country through black market channels as well as those that were made on Canadian soil but under unregulated conditions

Just before the Chinese New Year, a retired man living in the Tainan County of Taiwan went out to dispose of his firecrackers. He lit a fire at his home and then went to throw them in a garbage dump. However, it seems that he threw them too close to his neighbor’s house and caused an explosion that made two houses explode.
The retired man had thrown away the fireworks outside of his own back door, but it seems he was too close to the houses next-door because they both caught on fire and were destroyed.

No one should ever buy fireworks in the Philippines.
2 fires were set in Bulacan on Christmas day, caused by disposed-of firecrackers. The blasts injured 2 people and destroyed 2 homes in their wake. It is illegal to buy fireworks here and it needs to be enforced more strictly!

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