Saturday, September 18

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Spain Vs. Switzerland: The Definitive Preview

Spain, admittedly, have just scored 10 times split evenly across their past two team has ever done that in the history of the European Championship Spain's previous matches As most people know, Spain lead Group B with 5 points after 2 games. This includes 2 points from a 1-1 draw against Italy. There was also a comfortable 3-0 win over Albania. But Spain did not play the easiest of the two matches for them. In fact, the ball barely crossed the halfway line in the first half, and it only got a bit more interesting in the second half, as Spain eventually cruised to a 3-0 win. It is hard to call a 3-0 win a bad result, but it certainly wasn't easy. In fact, it wasn't even very good. Spain's next match is on June 19 against Israel. Their group stage finale is against world cu...