Thursday, September 23

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Disposed of Firecrackers Start Blast That Harms 2 Homes

We should be more aware of what we are disposing of in order to prevent injuries and damage to property.In this article, two homes were damaged due to firecrackers that could not be disposed of properly. This is a problem when people are using illegal fireworks that they cannot get rid of or throwing them on the ground where they can cause damage and start fires.We need to take caution when disposing of these items by making sure they do not go off before we throw them in the trash or recycling bin. Disposed of firecrackers start blast that harms 2 homes, leaves 5 injuredA New Year's celebration turned into a nightmare for a number of families in the Philippines after two houses were destroyed by a blasting incident. Five people were also injured by the blast according to police. Resid...