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BINA Scientist Dr Shamsun Nahar win prestigious IAEA awards

BINA Scientist Dr Shamsun Nahar win prestigious IAEA awards

Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture (BINA) also received the "Outstanding Achievement Award" of the IAEA Dr Shamsun Nahar Begum, chief scientific officer of the Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture (BINA), has received the International Atomic Energy Agency's (IAEA) "Women in Plant Mutation Breeding Award." Also, BINA, a research organization under the agriculture ministry, has received the "Outstanding Achievement Award" of the IAEA. The awards will be formally conferred at the 65th General Conference of the IAEA in September to recognize contributions to plant mutation breeding and related biotechnology, according to the Agriculture Ministry.

Five MIT School of Science professors receive tenure for 2021

MIT has granted tenure to five faculty members in the MIT School of Science in the departments of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Chemistry, and Physics. Physicist Joseph Checkelsky investigates exotic electronic states of matter through the synthesis, measurement, and control of solid-state materials. His research aims to uncover new physical phenomena that expand the boundaries of understanding of quantum mechanical condensed matter systems and open doorways to new technologies by realizing emergent electronic and magnetic functionalities. Checkelsky joined the Department of Physics in 2014 after a postdoc appointment at Japan’s Institute for Physical and Chemical Research and a lectureship at the University of Tokyo. He earned a bachelor’s degree in physics from Harvey Mudd College in...

Supreme Court upholds restrictive Arizona voting laws in test of Voting Rights Act 2021

WASHINGTON — The High Court on Thursday maintained two political decision laws in the 2020 milestone province of Arizona that challengers said make it harder for minorities to cast a ballot. The case was a significant test for what's left of one of the country's most significant social liberties laws, the Democratic Rights Demonstration of 1965, which the High Court downsized in 2013. A leftover arrangement permits claims guaranteeing that casting a ballot changes would put minority electors in a difficult situation in choosing competitors of their decision. The vote was 6-3, with the court's three nonconformists disagreeing. Political race law specialists said the court's decision will make it harder for minority gatherings to challenge casting a ballot laws. "This fundamenta...
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Covid-19: Increasing infection rate in Dhaka raises alarm

Recent genome sequencing by the icddr,b has found that the Delta variant has already reached the capital The test positivity rate in Dhaka city has been increasing recently, raising alarms that it may once again have to go into a strict lockdown as in April last year. The health authorities have already expressed their worry over the rising infection rate and said the government had been forced to isolate Dhaka for the next nine days as a countermeasure. The Cabinet Ministry has brought seven districts, four of them surrounding the capital and three nearby, under strict lockdown. According to the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS), the test positivity in Dhaka currently was 11.73%, as compared to just 3.45% only 15 days ago. Dr Nazmul Islam, a spokesperson for the D...
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DU admission, exam registrations go online

Service to be available from Monday The Dhaka University (DU) authorities have decided to introduce an online service to fill up the forms for admission and examinations of different academic years and semesters. The service will be available from Monday, said a university press release on Friday. The decision came from a meeting held on Thursday with Vice Chancellor Md Akhtaruzzaman in the chair, at the university’s Prof Abdul Matin Chowdhury Virtual Classroom. Considering the Covid-19 situation, the university also decided to withdraw the admission delay fee, added the release. Students will be allowed to pay all dues after the examinations, excluding admission and examination fees. Students will be able to fill up the forms for admission and examinations through the w...
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The Automaker’s 2019 Profits Were Essentially Wiped Out

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