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Bangladesh reports second highest Covid-19 deaths in 24 hrs, 5869 fresh cases

The number of detected novel coronavirus cases in Bangladesh, according to the government, on Friday rose to 878,804 as 5,869 more cases were reported, after testing 27,653 samples, including rapid antigen tests, in the last 24 hours. During that time 108 more Covid-19 patients died, raising the total deaths in the country to 13,976, said a press release of Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) today. This is the second highest number of deaths in Bangladesh in 24 hours the health directorate reported. The country reported highest 112 deaths in Covid-19 on 19 April this year. The rate of detection in the last 24 hours until 8:00 am was 21.22 per cent, while the overall rate of detection of infected cases in Bangladesh as of Friday stands at 13.60 per cent. The health d...
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Army could be deployed to enforce restrictions: State minister

The government has decided to impose a “strict lockdown” across the country from Monday to curb the rising trend of novel coronavirus infection in Bangladesh, said a press note on Friday night. All kinds of government and private offices also will remain shut for the next seven days, the press note said. It also said movement of all kinds of vehicles except those of emergency services, including emergency products, ambulances and medical services, will also remain shut in that time. No person could go out of home except emergency needs, the press note added. Speaking to Prothom Alo, state minister for public administration Farhad Hossain said the restrictions will be in place for seven days for now. It will be extended, if necessary. He also said police and BGB (Border Guar...
Unions Call On Trump Administration For More Robust Response
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Unions Call On Trump Administration For More Robust Response

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