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Storm winds could make Surfside building structure breakdown further, underlying architect cautions

Storm winds could make Surfside building structure breakdown further, underlying architect cautions

The expected effect of storm twists on the hunt and-salvage tasks at the fell Surfside, Florida townhouse could make the structure breakdown further, underlying architect Richard Slider cautioned Friday. "These frameworks or the substantial segments and chunks that are there now, are as of now flimsy, somewhat," Slider told CNBC's "The News with Shepard Smith" in a meeting. "At the point when wind gets affected upon this, in the event that it goes to the space, clearly, that adds another degree of effect and conceivably more noteworthy capacity for the construction to fall further." Elsa filled in the Caribbean to turn into the season's first storm. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis raised concerns Friday that the tempest could strike South Florida and take steps to end salvage tasks and co...

Appellate division proceedings to continue virtually during restrictions

During the nationwide strict restrictions from Thursday, regular court proceedings across the country including the Supreme Court will remain closed, reports UNB. However, for emergency cases the chamber judge of the appellate division, three single benches of the High Court division and a magistrate each in the chief judicial magistrate court in each district and the chief metropolitan magistrate court in the metropolitan area would be available to serve until further orders. The appellate division will also conduct proceedings remotely from home on two days during the seven-day lockdown. The court officials and employees were instructed not to leave the workstation during this time. Signed by registrar general of the Supreme Court Md Ali Akbar, separate notifications to this...
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Kentucky joins bandwagon of states offering cash bonuses to rejoin workforce

Kentucky is the latest state to offer hefty return-to-work cash incentives, as the economy begins to bounce back from the COVID-19 shock. Gov. Andy Beshear announced earlier this week a plan to pay up to 15,000 Kentuckians on unemployment insurance a $1,500 bonus for rejoining the workforce by the end of July. The program will be funded by some $22.5 million left over from the March 2020 CARES Act, according to a statement from the governor's office. In order to qualify, applicants must be a Kentucky resident, be employed by a business in the state between June 24 and July 2021, and have an active unemployment insurance claim as of June 23. Employers must complete an online verification form that the employee has worked 120 hours in the four weeks following being hired....
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Bangladesh reports second highest Covid-19 deaths in 24 hrs, 5869 fresh cases

The number of detected novel coronavirus cases in Bangladesh, according to the government, on Friday rose to 878,804 as 5,869 more cases were reported, after testing 27,653 samples, including rapid antigen tests, in the last 24 hours. During that time 108 more Covid-19 patients died, raising the total deaths in the country to 13,976, said a press release of Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) today. This is the second highest number of deaths in Bangladesh in 24 hours the health directorate reported. The country reported highest 112 deaths in Covid-19 on 19 April this year. The rate of detection in the last 24 hours until 8:00 am was 21.22 per cent, while the overall rate of detection of infected cases in Bangladesh as of Friday stands at 13.60 per cent. The health d...
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Covid-19: Increasing infection rate in Dhaka raises alarm

Recent genome sequencing by the icddr,b has found that the Delta variant has already reached the capital The test positivity rate in Dhaka city has been increasing recently, raising alarms that it may once again have to go into a strict lockdown as in April last year. The health authorities have already expressed their worry over the rising infection rate and said the government had been forced to isolate Dhaka for the next nine days as a countermeasure. The Cabinet Ministry has brought seven districts, four of them surrounding the capital and three nearby, under strict lockdown. According to the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS), the test positivity in Dhaka currently was 11.73%, as compared to just 3.45% only 15 days ago. Dr Nazmul Islam, a spokesperson for the D...
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The legal struggle of defining male rape in Bangladesh

There is a dilemma in Bangladesh’s existing legal system in ensuring justice for male rape victims Amir (not his real name) trembled with fear every time he saw his 18-year-old madrasa teacher Kefayet. Parents of the eight-year-old had no clue why their son reacted in that “particular way” every time Kefayet was around. They found it quite difficult to process the unwillingness of their son to not go back to the madrasa after returning home due to sickness. Despite all the obvious warning signs, all they heard were “excuses” and failed to realize Amir’s desperate cry for help. The sight of Kefayet standing there to welcome Amir and his parents as they dropped him off to his madrasa only brought sheer horror and helplessness to the eight-year-old. This time, Amir’s parents coul...
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Travel Advice: How Will Travel Be Affected After Brexit?

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