Monday, September 27

Elsa bringing weighty precipitation, hurricane power winds to Florida Keys


Hurricane Elsa solid breezes and weighty precipitation over the Florida Keys. Sumter Province and portions of Marion District are presently under a Typhoon Notice.

At 11 a.m. on Tuesday, the focal point of Hurricane Elsa was found 215 miles south of Tampa, as indicated by forecasters. Elsa was advancing toward the north-northwest close to 10 mph with most extreme supported breezes at 60 mph.

TRACKING ELSA: The most recent guides, models and ways

Elsa is estimated to ignore close to the Florida Keys Tuesday morning.

After Elsa passes the Florida Keys, forecasters anticipate that the storm should move close or over segments of Florida’s west coast on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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The Public Storm Place a few cyclones are workable for parts of Florida on Tuesday and proceed into Wednesday.

Forecasters say the Florida Keys and into the southwest and western bits of the Florida Landmass will see around three to five creeps of limited downpour and up to eight crawls through Wednesday.

The remainder of Florida will see two to four creeps with totals up to six through Wednesday night.

WESH 2 News 2021 Tropical storm Survival manual

Enduring the Season: Typhoon Season 2021

A Typhoon Watch is basically for:

Egmont Key to the Steinhatchee Stream, Florida

A Hurricane Cautioning is in actuality for:

The Florida Keys from Craig Key toward the west to the Dry Tortugas

West bank of Florida toward the north and toward the west to the Ochlockonee Waterway

A Hurricane Watch is in actuality for:

Mouth of St. Marys Stream to South Santee Waterway, South Carolina

A Tempest Flood Cautioning is as a result for:

The Florida west coast from Bonita Sea shore toward the north to the Aucilla Stream including Tampa Straight.

A Tempest Flood Watch is basically for:

West of the Aucilla Waterway to the Ochlockonee Stream

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